What Can Your Ego Do For You?

Written By: Maxwell Fayans

Estimated Read Time:3-5 minutes


“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” Oprah Winfrey

Yesterday, I listened to a chapter from Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday and I must say that this chapter really hit home. I find that sometimes I get lost in competition and continually try to “Keep Up With the Joneses.” Before you know it years fly by. As Peter Thiel stated, “Before getting swept up in the competitions that define so much of life, ask yourself whether you even want the prize on offer.” I learned a lot from this one chapter titled, What Is Important to You? and wanted to share this.

Ego undermines greatness and can destroy us. However to know what you want in life is wisdom. We often lose site of our priorities in the rat race. It is this form of status anxiety, and envy that can become threatening. We fear that we are always missing out. We tell ourselves I would be happy if I had what the person next to me has. This could be a sports car, yacht or mansion. According to Alain de Botton, we tend to latch ourselves onto suggestions from others. The more accomplished you are, the more successful people you will be around. This might make you feel small because you are comparing yourself to them. We are not in a race to keep up with others because in their eyes success and happiness can be a whole lot different than yours. Put aside the competition and set the terms of your own life. Slow down and have a clear mind of the space you are in right now. Having the sense of your own path is key to a life of happiness. It is about being yourself and going where you set out to go. Make decisions for yourself, not anyone else. If you find yourself in competition and second guessing be sure to always come back to what is truly important to you.

By knowing what matters to you, you can start to say no to the many things people put on your plate. You will start to gain a quiet confidence in yourself. It takes courage to stop and stay focused on your purpose. But once you find what you are after, you may begin to feel true independence. Your ultimate responsibility is yourself. I am excited to hear your thoughts on this.


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