Out to Eat: 32 Meals in 18 Days and the Damage Done

Written By: Maxwell Fayans

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Jax at the Tracks

The Damage done:
• Gained 2.8 pounds
• Had some GI Discomfort after a few meals
• Energy levels down a tad

I honestly thought I would gain about 10 lbs but staying strictly Ketogenic actually astonished me. I could not believe I only gained 2.8 pounds. Replacing the fries with greens must have really helped. It was tough and options were a bit limited but I was able to eat Keto at every meal. I was happy that restaurants were so easy going with substitutions.

Here is a breakdown of my meals while I was in the SF area:

Breakfast: I was lucky that I had continental breakfast at the hotel. I had about 3-4 hard-boiled eggs (1-2 yolks) and occasionally some sausage. Starting your day off with a high protein, low carb meal gave me a solid amount of energy and was satiating.

Here is a sample of some of the restaurants I went too and what I ate. I honestly think that every meal I had was amazing.
Lunch: My top picks for a fast lunch was Asian Box, Poke Love, Cocola Bakery.
Asian Box (Palo Alto)- Custom Box with Asian Salad, Chicken, Green Toppings and hot sauce on the side
Tava (Palo Alto)- Bowl with fresh romaine base, chicken tikka, pickled veggies, and side of chilled brussels and carrots
Poke Love (Palo Alto)- Organic Mixed Greens, Spicy Tuna and Siracha Salmon, Green mix ins, hot sauce on the side
Melt (Palo Alto)- Double Spicy Mission Burger in a lettuce wrap
Jax At The Tracks (Truckee)- Pulled pork in a lettuce wrap, cole slaw (Guy Ferrari Top Pick)
Mexcal (Menlo Park)- Short Ribs, black beans and Guacamole
Tender Greens (Palo Alto)- Chipotle BBQ Chicken Kale Salad
Cocola (Menlo Park)- Lemony Herb Tuna Salad with olive oil on the side

Dinner: My top picks were Burma Superstar, Barbara’s Fishtrap, Sajj Mediterranean
Levi’s Stadium (Santa Clara)- Shrimp Bay Roll in a Lettuce Wrap
China Bee (San Mateo-Japanese Eggplant, Seaweed Salad, Spicy Cucumbers. Side Note: First Time Trying Stinky Tofu- To me it tastes like stinky feet combined with garbage but I know it is delicacy. I also got a chance to try the fruit durian).
Barbara’s Fishtrap (Half Moon Bay)- Cod Fish and Calamari, Cole Slaw
Kufu Ya (SF)-Hot Plate with Lamb and Beef
Cold Water Restaurant (Yosemite)- Cheat Meal
Burma Superstar (SF)- Tea Leaf Salad, Curry Style Fish, Oh Noh Kauswer Soup minus the noodles
Sajj Mediterranean (Palo Alto)- Steak Shawarma Salad Bowl
Amici’s (SF)- Buffalo Wings and side spinach salad
Suisha House (Redwood City)- Hibachi Steak and Vegetables

In terms of exercise I only lifted light weights a few times at the hotel and did hiking on the weekends in Yosemite (Taft Point, Sentinel Dome, Vernal Falls, Nevada Falls) and Lake Tahoe (Rubicon Trail, Eagle Lake, Stateline Fire Lookout).

When I returned home: I did two days of intermittent fasting and returned to strength training (deadlift, bench press, squatting). I lost the 2.8 lbs in only 1 week. I was shocked how quick I got back.
What has been your experience while travelling and maintaining a diet?


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