How One Product with Hundreds of Spikes Can Make a Difference

Written By: Maxwell Fayans

Estimated Read Time: 2-3 minutes


“Tons of spikes, tons of relief.” -Maxwell Fayans


I read about the acupressure mat in the book, Tools of Titans, and I decided to buy it. I bought the Prosource Acupressure Mat in blue for $19.99. It was a bit cheaper compared to others on Amazon. It is essentially a small mat the size of your back and has a neck pillow with hundreds of plastic spikes. They are sharp to the touch. I figured this could be good for pain relief and relaxation. The fine print with the product states: the mat may increase energy levels, improve blood circulation, decrease stress, relieve neck and back pain, reduce blood pressure, alleviate headaches and improve sleep. Lets give it a go.

Here is my experience:

I sat down slowly onto the mat and placed the pillow under my neck. It is important to make sure not to wear thick clothes. I let myself sink into the neck pillow and turned on some meditation music from the Calm app for about 10 minutes. I rolled my neck side to side letting the spikes do there thing. At first it does hurt and it can be a bit itchy and hot but eventually it puts you in calm and relaxed state. I felt it mainly on my upper middle back and neck so I decided to bring my knees up to my chest and boo ya: it hits the lower back nicely (you can also place a towel under the mat to hit this region). I brought my hands up to the sky to felt it deeper in my upper back. After about 10 minutes I got up and saw 100’s of dots on my back and neck. It was red too. This went away after a while but I felt super relaxed as if a lot of pressure was taken off of me. I felt very loose and mobile after. I’m not sure if it is just me but it seemed to have given me some energy. That first sense of pain from the plastic spikes goes away within seconds, then it’s just enjoyable.

One of the best parts of buying this is watching your friends and family try it for the first time. Sometimes they will scream and then go eh, it’s not that bad. Everyone has a different reaction but once they get on the mat for the first time, they will stay on it for at least a few minutes. It’s fun to watch and trust me everyone wants to try it once they see it.

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