This Movie Is Well Worth Watching

Written By: Maxwell Fayans

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“A winter weekend: snowboarding and staying warm by the fire with a movie on.” -Maxwell Fayans

My go to movies are not war movies, but I decided to give Hacksaw Ridge a go. I was shocked by how great this movie was. It really hit home. After watching I felt grateful for all that I have. That battle scene was gruesome (but awesome) and in a matter of seconds many lives were taken, just like that. War movies can put your life in perspective. I remember listening to a podcast with Chris Sacca where he spoke about being grateful that you have a bed to sleep in each night. There are many people that don’t have this luxury. This past summer I saved someone drowning and it really allows you to see things in a different way. This movie illustrated that acts of bravery can come in unexpected ways. Don’t always count someone out because they are different. I highly recommend watching this movie.

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This is Not Your Typical Lamp

Written By: Maxwell Fayans

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“This rock lamp, will rock your desk.”                  -Maxwell Fayans

I wanted to share with you a recent purchase of mine. It’s a lamp. But not your average lamp. I bought a Himalayan Salt Lamp. I got to say that this is one beautiful piece of art. This is an actual rock, so it weighs a lot. You can even see the salt on your hands from moving it. This lamp sits right on my desk, next to my bed. It is a great night light and gives off a nice redish glow. In regards to the health benefits all I can say is, I don’t know. Online people talk about the negative ions but I honestly have not felt anything different in my room. But who knows. What I can say is that this is a beautiful lamp that looks awesome on my desk. It does provide a nice ambiance to the room for a small price of $30. Turn on that light, put on some relaxing music and you are ready to meditate.

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The Magic of Creativity

Written By: Maxwell Fayans

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“It’s you + creativity + fear.” -Elizabeth Gilbert

What I appreciated most from Big Magic was the part on fear. I feel that everybody can make great things. However, at times fear tries to hold you back. This is what gets in the way. You may be afraid as to what other people think of you.

I think this book opened my eyes a little bit and allowed me to say: You know what, I am just going to go for it and put fear aside. I acknowledge that fear is there but you need to have the courage to get past that level of fear and move forward in creating great art. You have to be willing to let your passions and ideas come forth and make a move on them instead of rejecting them.

I want to continue writing as it is something that excites me. I want to work on that art every day. This is what makes me happy and that is what is most important. We are brought up in school with the emphasis that if you work hard you’ll be happy. But what if you don’t like what you are working hard on. I think it’s important to find your creativity and work on that everyday which will create happiness along the way.

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5 Steps to Mindfulness: The Splatter Art Way

5 Steps to Mindfulness: The Splatter Art Way

Written By: Maxwell Fayans

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The day the splatter art took place (GoPro shot).

Let what you do in the moment be the most important thing in your life. -Thich Nhat Hanh

Ever since I started meditating I found that mindfulness could be practiced throughout your day. Last summer, I decided to throw some paint on a canvas (also known as drip art or splatter art). This is similar to the pieces created by Jackson Pollock. I was fortunate enough to see his exhibit at MOMA in NYC and it was stunning. Here are the steps I took to create this piece.

The 5 Steps:

  1. Place tarp in your backyard and use flower pots to hold it down.
  2. Place canvas on the tarp (I got mine at Michaels).
  3. Get a few buckets of water to clean your paint brushes.
  4. Use different size brushes and of course paint.
  5. Grab a glob of paint using your brush and start throwing it on the canvas. Do not think of the result.

Having not painted in a long time, I was astonished by the result.


Splatter Art-Maxwell Fayans

So How Does This Tie to Mindfulness?

I recently listened to the Tao Te Ching  and The Miracle of Mindfulness: An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation. After listening to these books, a few quotes stood out to me and it reminded me of this great day when I created the above piece of art.

Splatter art requires no thinking. You simply take some paint and throw it. I did not follow any techniques. I did what ever I felt like at the present moment. I was not caught up in the details or looking to impress anyone with this piece of art. What ever happened, happened. I let it be just the way it is. What I learned was that I was painting to paint, not thinking about if it would look good hanging in my room. I was happy no matter the outcome which made the whole day amazing.

Here are the quotes that sparked me to write this piece and I try to live my life by them:

“He who rushes, does not go far.”

“He who tries to shine, dims his own light.”

“Don’t do stuff just to get it over with. Relax, slow down and enjoy it.”

“The most important time is now. The most important person is whom you are with right in front of you.”

Even if art is not your thing, sometimes all it takes is one piece to create a breakthrough. I look forward to hearing about the impact art has had on you.


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