How Saying No Can Change Your Perspective

Written By: Maxwell Fayans

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Hiked to the summit of Buck Mountain (Lake George, NY)

“Well I’m turning my sights on the country; I sold everything that I own; Heading away from the bright lights; Looking for where the wind blows.” Wishbone Ash- Ballad of the Beacon Lyrics

Derek Sivers stated that if your answer is not hell yeah, then your answer should be no. I agree with this because you cannot please everyone. The person you should most please is yourself. It is important not to be so hard on yourself when you do say no. There are times when you need to stop and ask yourself, is this getting me closer to my goal? Are my priorities clear so I can move forward with the things that matter to me dearly? James Altucher stated, it is important to focus on saying no to the little things and saying yes to the big things.

Be in control of your day and remember that your schedule is most important. You will get emails from people asking you to do this or that. Majority of these are interruptions. By checking emails frequently and saying yes to each one, you realize that you are on their schedule, not your own. It takes away from your own creative time. You can get so caught up in other people’s tasks that you forget about your own goals and what makes you happy.

I was introduced to power of saying no when reading The 4-Hour Workweek. I started by only checking personal email after 12pm. The benefit of this, is that it allows you to focus on your personal goals and to do lists. This is when I am personally most productive.
I try to stay away from social media in the morning as well. I would recommend using the chrome extension, StayFocusd. This limits your time on select websites. I limit myself to 10 minutes a day on Facebook. I couldn’t believe how often I would click on Facebook without even realizing it. It was almost as if every time I turned on my laptop, I would have to check my news feed before I can move on. Most of my time on Facebook I was looking at what other people were doing and it made me jealous. By limiting social media, you can focus on yourself and your goals. I find that I have so much more time from this one fix and I am much happier.

Logging out from social media and technology every once in a while feels good. When my iPhone 5 was on its last leg, I realized I spent more time on my self because I was not answering all the texts, calls, notifications from everyone looking to ask me something. Eventually I had to get a new phone but it felt good for a change to be out of the loop. Let me know your experiences with saying no.

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